All You Need to Know About Natural Glucosamine

All You Need to Know About Natural Glucosamine

Posted by InvigoFlex® on 10th Jun 2022

Natural Glucosamine is a compound found in the body's cartilages, tendons, and ligaments. It’s a key element for essential molecules in the body that form and repair cartilage and body tissues. Put simply, natural glucosamine is vital to building the soft and flexible tissues, called cartilage, that cushions your joints.

As you grow older, there’s an increasing need to support joint health. But no one wants to admit when they’re old enough to start needing supplements. With age, the level of natural glucosamine your body produces drops; and you need to replenish the shortage.

What’s a Good Time to Start Taking Glucosamine Supplements?

We humans reach a hormonal and nutritional peak around the ages of 25 to 30. Once you cross this age bracket, you need to pay more attention to your lifestyle and diet. At the age of 30, you begin to encounter the occasional joint ache. This is a result of various reasons ranging from; the loss of bone density and muscle mass to the drop in the amount of Glucosamine in your body.

Your body naturally produces glucosamine, and as you grow older, the amount produced begins to drop. Unless you’re taking supplements or eating glucosamine-rich meals, you might encounter occasional joint aches.

How Does Glucosamine Work?

Glucosamine is a building block for the creation of different chemicals used by your body to build tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and synovial fluid around your joints. For people with low levels of Glucosamine, their fluid and cartilage break down and becomes thinner. This causes friction all around the joint as well as pain and stiffness.

Here are some benefits of taking Glucosamine Supplements:

●It helps maintain and promote joint health

●Taking these supplements improves the use of healthy joint cartilage

●They provide relief for mild to moderate joint relief.

●Supports Healthy Joints

One of the main functions of Glucosamine is to support the healthy development of articular cartilage. This tissue covers the ends of your bones, where they meet to form joints. It is also vital in the creation of certain chemical compounds, like collagen, which are critical structural components of synovial fluid. Your articular cartilage and synovial fluid reduce friction between bones; allowing them to move freely and painlessly across each other.

Some studies show that taking glucosamine supplements prevents tissue breakdown by protecting joint tissue. One study used a sample population of athletes. The researchers found that there was a significant decrease in cartilage breakdown among collegiate soccer players and professional rugby players who took 1.5 - 3 grams of glucosamine for three months. The results of this study indicate a joint-protective effect of glucosamine.

Getting More Glucosamine

Getting more Natural Glucosamine in your diet is a good way to up the amount in your body. Generally, any meat with a lot of cartilage will be rich in glucosamine; you can also get glucosamine from shellfish shells, lobsters, and crabs. These shells are often the main ingredient used to make the synthetic version of glucosamine.

Unfortunately, natural sources don’t cater to the needs of everyone. People who are allergic to shellfish have reservations about taking supplements derived from them. There are those following a plant-based lifestyle who need a different kind of glucosamine. To meet these needs, there are synthetic glucosamine and glucosamine sourced from plants like corn and soybeans.

Studies have shown that taking daily glucosamine supplements provides long-term treatment for bone and joint disorders like osteoarthritis. These supplements help by reducing pain, slowing disease progression, and maintaining joint space.

Do Glucosamine Supplements Work?

According to the National Library of Medicine, taking glucosamine supplements can provide relief for people with joint discomfort, although not enough to prevent the need for pain medications during flare-ups. It’s recommended that you check with your doctor about interactions with other medications before using glucosamine supplements.

In some cases, doctors prescribe supplements in response to the aging of joints which some studies have shown can provide joint health benefits. Studies have shown supplements to be effective in slowing cartilage decline and improving joint health in the knees. This, however, only works if you take a high end reputable brand as there are many glucosamine products in the market today that vary in quality and price.

So far, the strongest evidence supports the use of high quality glucosamine sulfate for joint support. To keep your joints healthy, flexible, and free, you can get glucosamine supplements from the InvigoFlex store.

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